Tips For School Success

Be Involved 

  • Speak regularly with your child’s teacher, even if things are going well.
  • Ask your child about his/her day. Start your conversation with something he/she likes. Once your conversation is going well, then it’s easier to talk about more challenging subjects (and actually have him/her respond!).
  • Oversee your child’s homework by sitting near your child and reading while the child is doing homework, occasionally walking past your child and patting him or her on the back, and/or looking over the homework with your child.
  • Volunteer at your child’s school. Parent involvement improves children’s school performance.

Establish a Routine 

  • Have a regular morning, afternoon and bedtime routine.
  • Arrange after-school childcare.
  • Make sure your child eats breakfast.
  • Establish a designated place and time for homework.
  • Provide a quiet and non-chaotic environment during homework time.
  • Read together each day. Reading is a proven factor for school success.

 Learning is fun and not just for school!

  • Let your children see you reading, paying bills, or watching an educational program. This shows children that learning happens not just in school and that some of the things they are learning WILL help them later in life!
  • Have your children measure out ingredients for recipes; plan healthy meals together, collect different leaves from the neighborhood; any activities where they see learning can be fun.
  • Get a library card for you and your child.  Public libraries have a variety of resources and activities for young (and young-at-heart) minds!
  • Have a positive attitude about school and learning. It’s contagious and your child will catch it!

(Families are Magic, FAM


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